Lakewood Pure Organic Carrot Juice Recipe


  • 6 Cups Of Peeled Baby Cut Organic Carrots
  • 1 Tablespoon Of Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice


  • Serving Size 1
  • 180 Calories Per Serving
  • 0 Grams of Fat

Preparation instruction

To get started, please take out your juice machine and plug it in.
Next take out a tall highball glass, and place it under the juice spout. Moving along, next wash and rinse your peeled baby cut organic carrots under cool running tap water.
Next turn your machine on, and begin feeding the baby cut carrots through it. The juice that the vegetables yield will vary depending on the overall freshness of the produce, so be sure and have backup carrots just incase.
Once your glass is full of juice, stir into it the single tablespoon of fresh squeezed lemon juice.
That wraps up this particular recipe. Do be sure and try out Lakewood's brands of juice, as they are all extremely delicious, and highly recommended.