cucumber Carrot Juice Recipes


  • Fresh Peeled Carrots 5
  • Cucumbers Peeled 3 Medium
  • Lemon Wedge 1 Fresh

Nutritional Information

  • Size To Serve 1
  • Per Serve Calories 125
  • Fats 0.4 Grams

Preparation instructions

Make your juicer clean and sterile before using it, then rinse it thoroughly and make it dry.
Peel off all the carrots and put them in a juicer and extract all the juice out of it.
Now take the cucumbers, rinse them completely. Peel them off and cut them into half pieces. Now, put the pieces inside the juicer.
Switch on the juicer and get the juice out of it. Next, combine the two juices in a jug.
Now, Transfer it to the serving glass, and finally, garnish with freshly cut lemon wedge and now enjoy your drink.