Apple Carrot Juice Recipe


  • Large Peeled Carrots 6
  • Green Apples 4 Peeled
  • Fresh Mints Stem 2

Nutritional Information

  • Size To Serve 1
  • Per Serving Calories 115
  • Fats 0.5 Grams

Preparation instructions

Firstly, your juicer should be brought out and get sterile and cleaned. Now switch on your juicer to start working with it.
Take green apples, rinse them thoroughly, and each of them into two pieces to fit the juicer easily. Now, peel off the skin of apples.
Moving forward, put the apples in juicer and turn it on and gather all the juice in a container attached with your juicer.
Next, rinse your carrots thoroughly and cut them into two pieces if you think that they would not fit inside the juicer inlet. Take all the juice out of all carrots.
Take a jug; mix the two juices into it and add some crushed ice if needed.
Additionally garnish it with mint leaves. Now, have a perfect glass of wonderful juice in your home.