Purple Carrot Juice Concentrate Recipe


  • 6 Pounds Of Ripe Purple Carrots
  • 1 1/2 Cups Of White Superfine Baking Sugar


  • Serving Size 1
  • 158 Calories Per Serving
  • 0 Grams of Fat

Preparation instruction

To get started, please take out your juice machine and plug it in. Next place a tall plastic container under the juice spout.
Next up, wash and rinse your ripe purple carrots. Once your produce is clean, you can turn on your machine, and begin feeding into it the carrots.
You will want to transfer your juice into a large cooking pot. Once all of your juice is within the pot, stir in the white superfine baking sugar.
Next heat the juice over medium high heat, stirring it rapidly until it begins to boil, and all of the white superfine sugar has dissolved.
After reaching a boil, remove the pot from the stove, and then pour the juice into canning jars. Bathe each canning jar in a water bath for approximately ten minutes, making sure the lids are extra sealed.
Let the jars cool to room temperature, then store them in a cool dry dark place. When opening any of the jars, you will then need to refrigerate the juice.
To use the juice, simply mix it with a little cold mineral water, which can be carbonated or noncarbonated.