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Jamaican Carrot Juice

8 Large Fresh Cleaned Carrots
1 Teaspoon Of Pure Ground Organic Nutmeg
1 Cup Of Carnation Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 Teaspoon Of Pure Vanilla Extract
1 Fresh Cut Lemon Wedge
1 Cup Of Crushed Ice

Serving Size 1
144 Calories Per Serving
2 Grams Of Fat

Preparation Instructions:
To start this recipe you will first need to take out your juicer and plug it in. Do give the machine a quick once over to make sure it's clean and sterile. Next thoroughly wash off and rinse eight large carrots under cold running tap water. If you own a small juicer, you may want to quarter your carrots to prevent over stressing your machine. Next place a plastic collection jug under the juice spout. Finally you may begin feeding your carrots into the machine one by one. Depending on the age and moisture content of your fresh carrots, you may want to adjust your proportions accordingly. Once you have about a liter of carrot juice, add one full cup of condensed sweetened milk into the juice and then mix the two ingredients together thoroughly. Lastly add in all the nutmeg and vanilla extract, again stirring until all the ingredients are evenly distributed throughout the juice. Optional garnishes include crushed ice or a single lemon wedge. I hope you enjoyed this tasty drink.
Carrot Juice
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Jamaican Carrot Juice
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Carrot Juice

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Tom from Trenton New Jersey recently emailed our staff this Jamaican carrot juice recipe specific question. He asked can I use bottled carrot juice in this recipe? The answer is yes you can use bottled carrot juice in this recipe instead of fresh raw homemade carrot juice. I will say however that if you plan to use bottled carrot juice then make sure it's a quality homemade style variety. If I had to recommend several choice brands I would say Lakewood, Knudsen, or Biotta, all of which are available for purchase online.

As far as the overall flavor of the beverage is concerned I strongly recommend the use of raw homemade carrot juice for this recipe as opposed to the bottled store bought variety. In addition to your Jamaican carrot juice tasting better, the fresh carrot juice will also ensure that the beverage is packed full of vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and other healthy essentials. For those of you unaware fresh raw homemade carrot juice has far more nutrients and health benefits than any pasteurized bottled carrot juice variety.
Can I Use Bottled Carrot Juice In This Recipe?
Charlie out of St. Cloud Minnesota recently emailed us this great Jamaican carrot juice related question. He asked is there a raw vegan version of this recipe? Unfortunately I don't currently have a raw vegan Jamaican carrot juice recipe up on the site, nor have I ever tested out such a beverage. I will say however that it would be really simply to make, all you would need to do is substitute the sweetened condensed milk with honey or agave sweetened almond milk. The trick would be to create an almond milk that is slightly thicker than normal which could easily be achieved by adding less water.

If you're not familiar with how to make homemade almond milk know that doing so is super easy. First you would need to soak one to two cups of organic almonds for roughly eight to twelve hours. Once they're done soaking rinse them off and place them into your blender. Next add two cups of water into the blender and then puree both ingredients together for three minutes. By only adding two cups of water you should end up with a thicker than usual almond milk. The last step is you would then want to strain it through a nut milk bag and then flavor it up with honey or agave and a little sea salt.
Is There A Raw Vegan Version Of This Recipe?
Homemade Jamaican Carrot Juice
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