Grapefruit Carrot Juice Recipe


  • 8 Large Fresh Cleaned Carrots
  • 1 Large Fresh Peeled Grapefruit
  • 1 Large Fresh Mint Sprig


  • Serving Size 1
  • 133 Calories Per Serving
  • 0 Grams of Fat

Preparation instruction

To begin you will first need to take out your blender and plug it in. At this point I like to give my machine a quick inspection just to make sure it's clean and sterile.
Next you will want to thoroughly scrub your carrots under cool running tap water. Moving along, next clean your grapefruit, then peel off all of the skin.
You are now ready to place a glass under your juice spout. Turn on the machine, and begin feeding in all of your ripe produce.
Once your glass is full turn off the machine and then give the juice a quick stir using a teaspoon. Stirring the juice will ensure that you have an even and smooth carrot and grapefruit flavor.
If it's not quite sweet enough for you, a pinch of sugar should do the trick.