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It's not often that you hear about carrot juice being used in various food recipes, however it's actually used quite frequently. Many of the recipes that call for carrot juice can be found right here on our website. Our list of recipes is fairly small right now, but we do plan to grow this section steadily over the long term future. We would also like to encourage our guests and visitors to submit any recipes that you might have. As many of you are already aware, carrot juice has a pretty strong flavor, and for that reason alone you're either going to love it or hate it. This strong flavor however can be used in all sorts of foods, such as stir fries, soups, salads, marinades, and many other dishes. I will admit that fitting carrot juice into a food recipe can take some skill, however once done successfully it can really add a delicious flavors to many popular recipes.

Salads are a great place to use fresh homemade carrot juice. Often times salad recipes will call for a little juice or dressing, especially vegetable salads. Carrot juice mixes with vinegar, olive oil, and seasonings very nicely, and can make an extremely delicious and very healthy salad dressing. There are virtually an unlimited number of ways you can prepare it, and in most cases the recipes require little of the juice. I should point out that you would only want to use fresh homemade carrot juice, as opposed to processed store bought varieties. Outside of green or vegetables salads, I have even used a tablespoon or two of carrot juice in cold potato or macaroni salads, as the juice is very tasty mixed together with mayonnaise or various cream and seasonings. So the next time you prepare a salad, consider adding a little carrot juice to it to liven up the flavor.

When it comes to a stir fry, fresh homemade carrot juice can really take the overall flavor to another level. Carrot juice can be mixed with soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, honey, sesame oil, extra virgin olive oil, and many other traditional stir fry sauces. Admittedly the flavor isn't for everyone, but I personally enjoy it. Carrot juice will work with just about any type of stir fry, such as chicken, beef, fish, or vegetable dishes. Usually when you're making your stir fry sauce, you will only want to use a tablespoon or two of carrot juice, as what you're aiming for it an accent flavor. Another quick tip, is to make sure that you use the carrot juice stir fry sauce towards the later cooking stage, as a lot of the flavor will burn off if you let it simmer too long, or at too hot of a temperature. If you have any carrot juice based stir fry recipes, feel free to submit them to us for publishing.

I know that creating a marinade with carrot juice sounds strange, but it tastes great if mixed with the right combination of ingredients. I have made many delicious meat marinades with fresh homemade carrot juice, extra virgin olive oil, basil, minced garlic, chopped onions, lemon juice, and many other tasty ingredients. In similar fashion to carrot juice stir fry sauces, I generally use a small amount so that I can achieve an accent flavor, as opposed to the main flavor base. I should mention that when using carrot juice as a marinade, it will lose some of it's nutritional value, as the cooking process has a tendency to burn off or neutralize many of the juices vitamins and minerals. We hope you have enjoyed this brief article. Please don't forget to browse around our website some more, as we have many more articles and recipes to read through.
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