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Many of the visitors to this website send us email inquiries regarding where they can buy carrot juice, so we thought we would write up a brief article on the subject. For most die hard juice drinkers, you know that the only way to drink carrot juice is by juicing the carrots yourself in the comfort of your own home. Store bought carrot juice varieties have many other ingredients within them, such as additives, sugars, and preservatives, which make these juices taste completely different than raw homemade carrot juice. While I don't have anything against bottled or premade carrot juice, I do try and go out of my way to encourage people to make their own juice with a juice machine, as it's so much healthier. With regard to the unpasteurized raw varieties that are available in many delis and health food stores, in many cases drinking these juices can present extreme health risks, and as a personal choice I always avoid them.

Many juice shops, delis, and health food stores sell fresh made raw unpasteurized carrot juice. For years I was warned about the dangers that some of these juices presented, however I ignored them because I felt that the places I was buying the juice from, were extremely sanitary, and had solid reputations. Unfortunately I eventually contracted an extreme stomach bacteria from a batch of carrot juice, which forced me to spend a night in a hospital bed hooked up to an IV, as I couldn't keep any water or food down. I recuperated from the illness quickly, as it was not as serious as Salmonella or Botulism, however that was the last day I ever drank raw unpasteurized store bought juice again. The health benefits these juices provide are in no way worth the potential health risks that drinking them present, especially considering how easy it is for these juices to spoil.

If you don't have a juicer, and you absolutely have to buy some carrot juice, then only buy the bottled pasteurized varieties, however do realize that the pasteurization process neutralizes most of the primary vitamins and minerals contained in the beverage, and it's mostly reduced to being a beverage meant only for refreshment, and not for it's overall health impact. Bolthouse Farms makes the best premade carrot juice I have ever tasted, and so I highly recommend this brand of premade juice. Bolthouse Farms also have many of their juice flavors available for purchase over the internet, so if you can't find their products within your local shops, then try a large online shop like Amazon. Another brand of carrot juice that I highly recommend, is the world famous Gerber brand. They make a delicious bottled carrot juice, and again it's available for purchase online.

As I have said in many parts of this website already, the best way to obtain carrot juice, is to purchase a juicer, and make your own. Juice machines are extremely cheap, and if you grow your own organic carrots in the backyard like I do, then your only expense is in purchasing the seeds, and in the water you use in growing the plants. After decades of juicing my own vegetables, I haven't gotten ill or infected with a strain of bacteria even once, and none of my juicing friends have gotten sick either. Always remember that some bacteria related illnesses that are caused by contaminated raw juice, can cause permanent or long lasting damage to your body, and in some extreme cases, they can even cause death. So don't procrastinate on buying a juicer any longer, considering how affordable they are these days, there really is no excuse in not owning one.
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