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It's always important to approach extreme or fad diets with two feet on the ground. While browsing the internet recently, I keep coming across websites that advocate extreme raw juice diets, that will undoubtedly leave your body severely malnourished. The only way that a person can live on raw juices alone, is if they fortify these juices with all of the vitamins, minerals, and fiber that they would otherwise be lacking, and it would be virtually impossible to do so. I'm honestly shocked at how many completely ridiculous diets are proposed over the internet, and sincerely hope that people are not seriously considering them. It's important to be sensible towards dieting, and it's also important to realize that living healthy is hard work, and most of that hard work is in balancing and diversifying your nutritional intake. Drinking raw juice alone will not take you very far.

One of the specific claims that I would like to take aim at, has to do with carrot juice. For whatever reason, a large number of individuals online have taken it upon themselves to declare carrot the cure all for all diseases and health ailments, as well as the only thing a person should concern themselves with consuming. You cannot diet on raw carrot juice alone, even hinting something like that is completely absurd. Carrot juice will not cure cancer, it will not cure heart disease, and it contains no magical properties. I love carrot juice and drink it daily, I'm probably one of it's biggest fans, but it's becoming laughable at the claims people are making about the juice. Yes it can be the cornerstone of a well balanced diet, it can also provide your body with tons of essential vitamins and minerals, but it's just one piece of a very large puzzle in staying fit and staying healthy.

With regard to dieting and carrot juice, I'm not afraid to say that it's probably the wrong juice for you to be drinking if you're looking to shed weight. The reason it isn't suited for dieting, is because it contains tons of natural sugar. When you diet, the aim should be to gradually lower your calorie intake, while maintaining healthly blood sugar levels. A glass of carrot juice for a person who is lowering their calorie intake levels, is going to cause a sharp spike in blood sugar levels, which in turn is going to accelerate your blood pressure, and probably leave you feeling like you just ate a giant chocolate bar. So if you are looking for a raw juice to power your body while dieting, you might want to try spinach juice, beetroot juice, tomato juice, or any other juice that has substantially less sugar in it. The carrot juice sugar levels are on par with many fruit juices, if not higher.

I personally avoid dieting altogether, because like most doctors will tell you, many people diet incorrectly, and although they do loose weight, they end up hurting their bodies in the long run. The best way to maintain a healthy body weight, is to get plenty of exercise, consume plenty of nutritious foods, and avoid an inactive lifestyle. Carrot juice can be a daily nutritional supplement for people who enjoy drinking it, however never try and create a diet where you're only drinking carrot juice, as that is a quick path to damaging your health. If you do have a strict diet and are counting calories, and you also happen to be wondering if carrot juice is right for you, then consult with a doctor of nutritionist, instead of making the call yourself. A balanced and rational approach to foods and beverages is the best way to go, and extreme diets should always be scrutinized.
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