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Our staff receives numerous emails per month asking whether or not it is possible to create carrot juice without an electric juicer. The answer is yes, and I have tried all of these alternative methods, however they are all messy and extremely tedious. Any time I get a web guest or user trying to think up a shortcut to making carrot juice, I always respond with the same answer. That answer is to simply buy an electric juicer. I do recall several decades ago when a juice machine was hard to find, and extremely expensive, however that is not the case anymore. The machines are extremely affordable, even for the more upper line models. With regard to availability, you can buy them at almost every appliance store in the United States, or if you like to order stuff online, there are many internet shops that stock hundreds of different juicer makes and models.

When making carrot juice with an electric juicer, then first thing you should always do is give the machine a quick inspection after you remove it from the cupboard. I like to take a slightly damp paper towel, and wipe away any dust that might have collected on the machine, as well as give it an overall inspection. It's good to check inside the machine, as the last thing you want to do is juice a spider and it's web, or any other insect or debris that might have gotten in there. You also don't want dust in your fresh juice, as it tastes disgusting, and it also isn't particularly good for you to ingest. So before you start juicing, always make sure to give the machine a quick inspection, or if your really want to go overboard, then simply wash it both before and after use, which is actually highly recommended if the unit has been stored away in your cupboard for a particularly lengthy period of time.

When it comes time to use your juicer, safety should always come first. You should only turn your machine on if it is clean and dry. You also should make sure that there are no wet spot on the counter, and the juicer's cord is completely dry. Any moisture on or near the juicer's cord could result in electrocution, so always take the extra precaution to make sure this isn't the case. Once your machine is turned on, another safety step to always follow is to make sure no inedible objects enter into the machine's grinder, such as a fork, knife, your fingers, a wooden spoon, or anything else that you might consider using to unplug a jam. If your machine jams, always turn it off and unplug it before unblocking the grinder. Remember, there isn't a glass of juice on earth that is worth injuring yourself over, so always be calm and thorough when operating your juicer, and put safety first.

Once the actual juicing process has begun, another useful tip to consider is to only feed moderately sized fruit or vegetable chunks through the machine. With carrots for example, I always quarter them before feeding them through the juicer, even though they would fit in the grinder whole. The reason I portion my produce is that I don't like to stress my juice machine, as it can reduce the life span of the machine and it's parts substantially. One other thing to consider has to do with seeds. Always make sure to remove any seeds from your fruit before running the produce through the juicer, as these seeds can wreak havoc inside of your appliance. Large objects like peach pits even have the capability of damaging your juicer, so always remember to remove them beforehand. We hope that you enjoyed reading through this brief article, don't forget to check out all of our other recipes and information. Cheers, and happy juicing.
Making Carrot Juice With An Electric Juicer Machine
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