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This article will briefly focus on a few tips to use when juicing carrots. As many of you are already aware, carrot juice is an extremely nutritious beverage, full of essential vitamins and minerals that can boost your immune system, strengthen your bones and teeth, and help the overall health of your skin. Drinking one glass of homemade carrot juice per day is all you need to consume in order to enjoy all of the benefits that this juice can offer you. To create fresh raw carrot juice, all you need is a juice machine in your home, and most of these juicers are very efficient and affordable. If you don't have a juicer, then you are really missing out not just on carrot juice, but on a whole host of fruit and vegetable juices that dramatically improve your overall diet. Juicers can even be ordered online, so be sure to browse around the internet to explore your options.

When juicing carrots, the first tip is to always make sure the veggies are soil free. I have a rough vegetable scrubber that was made for this purpose, and it will even remove dirt or soil from hard to reach cracks and crevices on the carrots. Before scrubbing your carrots, thoroughly wash and rinse them under cold running tap water, just to make sure that all of the soil or debris has been removed. Once the bulk of the soil or dirt has been removed, use your scrubber to brush away any hard to reach soil. You can also just use a knife or potato peeler to cut the soil from the vegetables. Loose soil can contain unhealthy levels of bacteria, so it's always important to remove it all before you start juicing. There are some nutrients locked into the skin of a carrot, so often times I try to just wash the soil off, without being forced to peel off all of the skin.

This is a really obvious tip, but always make sure to cut away any bruised or scarred areas of the carrots. This rule applies to all fruits and vegetables meant for the juicer. Bruises or scars on fruit and vegetables usually attract bacteria, and this can be unhealthy to consume. I often times will see people juice bruised fruit, thinking since they won't have to chew through this section of the produce, that it's ok to consume. However this is not the case, and bacteria aside, it can also ruin the taste of your overall juice blend. So do be sure and inspect your fruit and veggies after washing them, don't just run them straight through the juicer. Cutting out any bruised or scarred sections only takes several seconds, so there is hardly an excuse for skipping over this important preparation step.

The last juicing tip we would like to discuss, is the freshness of your carrots. Obviously older or not quite fresh carrots can yield very little juice, as most of the internal moisture has slowly evaporated from the carrots. It's important to use extremely fresh carrots when juicing, as they generally contain the most juice yield per serving, and most importantly they always produce better tasting juice. It is also important to make sure your carrots are completely ripe, as you don't want to run green or unripe sections of the fruit through a juicer, as this is a quick way to ruin the flavor of your beverage as well. While still on the subject of carrots, another great way to maximize the overall flavor of your carrot juice, is to use homegrown organic carrots, instead of store bought produce. If you haven't tried fresh homegrown carrot juice, then you are really missing out.
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