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We receive some strange questions from our website guests and visitors. One of the strangest questions we receive has to do with whether or not the comedian and performer Carrot Top is on steroids. I can only assume that when some people find our website by typing in the words carrot and juice, that they are referring to steroids instead of actual fruit or vegetable juice. Every time I receive one of these questions, I literally fall out of my chair laughing. The question is so ridiculous, that I have difficulty processing it with a straight face. Anyway, after receiving several dozen of these questions, I finally decided to do a little research on the subject, and then write down my opinion on it. I will say that obviously the definitive answer you're looking for won't be here, for that you'll have to go ask Carrot Top himself, as obviously only he knows the answer.

I'm well aware that Carrot Top went from really skinny to really muscular, though if I recall correctly this wasn't an overnight phenomenon. He seemed to just gradually get a more athletic build over the long term. What I find absolutely ridiculous, is that any time some celebrity or regular Joe goes from skinny or fat to really really fit, most people automatically assume he or she is on steroids. I've seen people way more muscular and cut than Carrot Top, and I know for a fact that they never used steroids. So there is absolutely zero reason to think Carrot Top takes steroids. I think that is a ridiculous assumption. The truth be told, skinny people cut the best when lifting weights, because they usually have a very high metabolism in the first place, hence the reason they are skinny. So when skinny people hit the gym really hard, they bulk up, and get chiseled way quicker than a large or stocky person would.

I have to wonder as to whether or not there might be a little bias behind the question. The somewhat quirky red haired guy gets ripped, and suddenly everyone wants to know if he's taking steroids. I can imagine there are probably some jock type individuals that are slightly uncomfortable with the fact that a forty some odd year old curly red haired guy has a better body than they do. If you don't think there is a bias, well just think back to school, I'm sure you can recall how skinny red haired guys got treated, we've all seen it in the American school system. I had several friends growing up that were skinny and had red hair, and they were relentlessly picked on. I can just imagine them showing up to high school gym class totally ripped, and having to face down accusations of steroid use, as if skinny red haired people are incapable of having a strong muscular physique.

In conclusion I don't think Carrot Top is on steroids. The guy can probably easily afford a personal trainer, an in house gym, and all the best health foods money can buy. Top that all off with the fact that he's a very public figure always in the limelight, and you get intense motivation to be very fit. If you think that getting as fit as he is can only be achieved by taking steroids, then you have a very strong misconception regarding bodybuilding. If you are considering taking steroids to get a body like Carrot Top's, than obviously I would advise you to rethink that. Steroids cause cancer, behavioral problems, acne, and a whole host of other problems, problems which you never want to have to deal with. If you're looking to get chiseled, then you'll have to man up on the self discipline and dieting, and then fork over some serious patience and long term dedication.
Is Carrot Top On Steroids
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