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Our site editor has been getting flooded with questions lately pertaining to carrot juice and it's sugar content, so we have decided to use this article to address some of those questions and concerns. Some of you might already know this, but raw homemade carrot juice contains a lot of natural vegetable based sugar. Compared to even some very sweet fruit juices, carrot juice isn't far below them in sugar content. As far as the exact number is concerned, raw homemade carrot juice contains roughly thirteen grams of sugar in every eight ounce glass. This sugar level makes carrot juice an unsuitable beverage for anyone with diabetes. The sugar volume can also be strong enough to slightly elevate a persons blood pressure, so if you suffer from high blood pressure, then you might want to make sure that you drink the juice during or after a meal, which reduces the chance of a sudden blood sugar spike.

With regard to carrot juice and diabetes specifically, I have asked a health expert about the subject and received some verifiable information. The first thing this expert told me, is that some people with diabetes can drink a little carrot juice, though this isn't recommended. Someone with diabetes should never drink a large glass of the juice, as this could cause serious and immediate health issues. If you suffer from diabetes, and would like a definitive answer as to whether or not you can drink this juice, then please consult with your doctor. Unfortunately I am not a aware of any sugar free methods of creating carrot juice, and I have also never seen a sugar free processed variety of carrot juice. That doesn't mean they don't exist, however they certainly are not available in my local area. If you are aware of a brand of sugar free carrot juice, then please let us know so I can update this article.

With regard to carrot juice and hyperactivity, I would be extremely weary of giving large volumes of raw homemade carrot juice to small children who are hyperactivity prone. The volume of sugar in carrot juice is high enough to really get a strong sugar rush going, especially in someone who has a low overall body weight. Raw homemade carrot juice is perfectly fine in moderation for most children however, but obviously you might find it rare that a child will actually drink the raw homemade variety. If your child is under the age of six months, then you should not allow them to drink carrot juice. The raw variety contains too much sugar and heavy nutrients for an infant of that age. Regarding toddlers and infants over six months of age, it is perfectly safe for them to drink raw homemade carrot juice, as the sugar level will be normally processed by their healthy metabolisms.

For people that are sensitive to high sugar foods and beverages, it is recommended that you either drink carrot juice in low volumes, or that you dilute it with crushed ice, water, milk, or soy milk. A close friend of mine is rather sensitive to sugar, and she has told me that if she drinks carrot juice on an empty stomach, that the sugar volume within the juice sends her blood sugar skyrocketing, usually ending with a migraine headache. So if you are prone to high blood pressure spikes due to sugar, then you might want to consider drinking carrot juice either during or after a meal, that way your blood sugar levels are more stable and won't bounce around too much. We would like to take this time to thank you for checking out this article. If you have a specific question about raw homemade carrot juice and sugar, then please feel free to send our staff an email, and we will get back to you shortly.
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