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Carrot Juice
Is Raw Homemade Carrot Juice Alkaline?
Can Carrot Juice Work As A Sun Tanning Replacement?
Is Carrot Juice Good For Relieving Constipation?
Can I Drink Carrot Juice If I Have High Blood Pressure?
Is Carrot Juice Ok For People With Acid Reflux?
Does Carrot Juice Have A High Acidity Level?
What Are The Advantages To Drinking Carrot Juice?
Do You Have Information On Carrot Juice And Diabetes?
Is It Possible To Have A Carrot Juice Allergy?
Is Raw Homemade Carrot Juice Really Acidic?
First off, I would like to thank everyone that has been willing to contact us with carrot juice related questions. We are also grateful to those of you that have allowed us to publish your question here in our frequently asked questions section. We are always expanding this section of our website, so please feel free to continue sending in your inquiries to us. We generally respond to these questions within one to two business days. Before we publish your question, we will ask for your consent. If you don't have an email address, then you may also send us any inquiries through regular postal mail, our mailing address is located on our contact us web page. Also please don't forget to bookmark this section of our website so you can visit us again in the very near future, as we will be updating it weekly with fresh visitor submissions.

In this brief article, we would like to take this opportunity to address some of the most frequently asked questions. The first question and probably the most commonly asked question we receive, is can carrot juice be canned for long term preservation. The answer is yes, carrot juice can be canned, for the exact preparation instructions, please see our canned carrot juice recipe. Obviously canned carrot juice will not taste as good as fresh raw homemade carrot juice, however it's a great way to utilize a bulk amount of garden fresh carrots. With regard to the overall nutritional content, please note that a percentage of fresh carrot juice's nutrients will be neutralized during the canning process, as the boiling procedure can be harsh on raw fruit or vegetable based vitamins and minerals. Do add lemon juice to the canned carrot juice, as this will help prevent oxidization from occurring with the mixture.

The second most frequently asked question that we receive, is whether or not it is possible to create carrot juice using a blender. The answer to this question is yes, however you need an extremely powerful blender to do this, one that is capable of grinding raw carrots down to a mushy paste like substance. Once you have this paste like carrot substance, you can strain it through a nut milk bag, and end up with a raw homemade carrot juice. The amount of juice that you can extract from the carrots this way is probably quite a bit less than what you would get from a regular juice machine, and it will take quite a bit more time. I prefer just to use a regular juicer, because it's extremely simple to use, and if you have a strong juicer, it will extract substantially more juice. The machines are extremely affordable these days, and can even be purchased online.

The third most popular carrot juice related question that we receive, is can drinking too much carrot juice make your skin turn orange. The answer is yes, drinking a large volume of carrot juice can cause your skin to have a light orange overtone. This happens when excessive amounts of beta carotene enter your system, the pigment that makes carrots orange. Achieving this is actually pretty hard to do, as it would require you to drink a large portion of carrot juice in one sitting. If you drink carrot juice in moderation, such as between twelve to sixteen ounces per day, you shouldn't have to worry about this orange skin effect. Do also keep in mind that carrot juice contains a large volume of natural sugar, so drinking it in huge volumes probably wouldn't be recommended by any doctor or certified nutritionist. Thank you for reading this article, we hope you enjoyed it.
Submitting Carrot Juice Related Questions
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