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We receive many inquiries regarding the volume of carrot juice that a person should drink, and whether or not it is safe to drink it daily. The first thing that a person should consider, is that carrot juice has a lot of natural sugar, and for that reason alone, you should not consider drinking huge volumes of it in one sitting. I generally will only drink between eight and sixteen ounces a day, and always after a meal to prevent a sharp blood sugar spike. Like all healthy food choices, it's always important remember that moderation and diversification in your diet are key to making sure that your body receives a wide spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals. Drinking more than sixteen ounces or a pint of carrot juice per day won't harm you, however doing that every day might not be the healthiest thing with regard to overall sugar intake.

When it comes to healthy foods and beverages, I will often see friends and family over consuming these in an attempt to get extra health benefits. However over consuming any healthy foods and beverages can actually be unhealthy for your body, and the same rule applies with carrot juice as well. Moderation is the absolute key to healthy eating, regardless of what it is you are consuming, even if it's vegetables and fruits. If you aren't sure how much carrot juice you should be drinking, then please consult a certified nutritionist, who will look at your overall physical profile, and then give you sound advice on the subject. Your body weight will play a roll in how much carrot juice you should be drinking, so do be sure to consider that the next time you dive into a fresh glass of homemade juice.

Another concern that people have with drinking carrot juice daily, is whether or not is can turn your skin orange. Consuming large quantities of beta carotene can indeed turn your skin orange, however it usually takes a large amount to accomplish this. While this effect shouldn't be a cause of any serious concern, you should avoid over consuming beta carotene, as it can be extremely hard on your liver and kidneys. In addition to turning your skin orange, you might also find that your sweat has a slightly orange colored hue to it. This so called carrot juice myth is indeed no myth at all, as the effects have been scientifically proven to occur when over consuming either raw carrots or carrot juice. Cooked carrots on the other hand have much of their beta carotene neutralized by the cooking process, and in many cases this orange skin effect will be lessened.

So in conclusion, it is healthy to drink carrot juice daily, however you should limit the amount of fluid ounces that you consume. Due to the large amount of sugar that is contained in carrot juice, it is best to drink it either with a meal, or after a meal. When deciding how much carrot juice to drink per day, consider your overall body weight, as the sugar in carrot juice makes it higher in calories than many other types of fruit and vegetable juices. With regard to the orange skin and carrot juice myth, this effect is true, drinking a large amount of carrot juice will cause a light orange hue to appear on parts of your skin, however in order to acheive this you would need to drink a huge volume of the juice. We appreciate you checking out this article. If you have any further questions regarding the daily consumption of carrot juice, then please feel free to send us an email.
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