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Regular plain pure carrot juice is one of my all time favorite drinks, however I often mix the juice with other fruits and vegetables. Mixing your carrot juice with other produce can greatly expand the vitamin and nutrient spectrum that your body receives from the beverage. This is also a great way to target certain nutrients or vitamins that you feel might be lacking in your diet, for example if you feel you are not getting enough iron, then you can juice some raw spinach with your carrot juice. Or if your immune system is weak and you're looking to build it up, then you can mix your carrot juice with a lemon, lime, kiwi, or orange. Before you juice any particular vegetable or fruit, it's important to do a quick bit of research on them, just so you know what are the main health benefits to juicing them. Take notes when researching your produce, so that you remember what they contain.

When it comes to fruits, there is virtually no limit to the variety that you can blend with carrot juice. In the past I have blended carrot juice with lemons, limes, apples, bananas, oranges, apricots, grapes, cherries, coconuts, peaches, and many others. You'll notice that raw plain carrot juice has a very soft sweet nature to it's overall taste, thus meaning it can accommodate other flavors nicely. Probably the most popular carrot juice fruit blends contain apples, bananas, lemons, or oranges. So the next time you're making carrot juice, check out what other fruits are in your refrigerator, and increase the variety of essential vitamins and minerals that your body receives. Don't just stop with a double fruit blend either, try carrot juice as the flavor base of multi fruit blends. Play around with different combinations to find the flavor that you like the best.

Juicing vegetables with carrot juice is another excellent great tasting way of increasing your nutritional intake. As most of you are already aware, raw homemade carrot juice is extremely sweet, in fact it's sweeter than many raw fruit juices. This sweetness is great, because it means that you can blend other vegetables into the juice, and hide any sour or bitter flavors that they may contain. The most common carrot juice vegetables blends include spinach, beetroot, cucumber, pumpkin, celery, lettuce, tomatoes, and many others. If you haven't tried juicing any of these vegetables along with carrot juice, then you are missing out on some great flavors. Carrot juice vegetable blends are a great way to stock up on calcium, iron, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B, and lots of other important nutrients that your body needs on a daily basis.

So in conclusion, don't be afraid to venture on to the less traveled path and mix your carrot juice with other fruits and vegetable juices. While carrot juice alone has tons of vitamins and minerals within it, there are still many delicious ways to expand upon that. For unique and tasty fresh fruit and vegetable juice recipes, please explore the menu items within the left navigation bar that appears on every page of our website. We have many unique flavor blends, most of which containing produce that you can buy in almost any grocery store. If you yourself have a great carrot juice recipe, then please consider sending it to us for publishing using the email address located on our contact us web page. We would like to thank you for reading through this article. We hope that it has inspired you to try out different juice flavors. Cheers, and have a great raw juicing day.
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