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Our webmaster often receives inquiries pertaining to carrot juice and pregnancy, so we thought we better write up a brief article on the subject. A concern of some expecting mothers is whether or not carrot juice is safe to drink while they are pregnant. The answer is yes, carrot juice is very healthy for expecting moms. Obviously if you have a rare carrot juice allergy, then you will want to avoid carrot juice. Raw homemade carrot juice contains tons of essential vitamins and minerals, all of which will help nourish not only the expecting mother, but also the unborn baby. Some of these nutrients include vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B, calcium, magnesium, and many others. The juice does contain natural vegetable based sugars, however if you consume moderate amounts of the beverage, your sugar intake from the juice will remaining fairly low.

With regard to the recommended daily intake level of carrot juice for pregnant women, between eight and twenty four ounces of juice daily is ideal. Carrot juice should be treated as one element of a healthy overall diet, not as a main nutritional source. The juice is the richest dietary source of vitamin A on the planet, and over consuming vitamin A can lead to liver toxicity. It would obviously take a huge amount of raw homemade carrot juice to achieve toxicity, so drinking too much of the juice really shouldn't be a grave concern. If you have any questions or concerns regarding drinking carrot juice while you are pregnant, than please be sure to consult with your doctor. They can gauge your body weight and metabolism, and then tell you exactly how much of the juice you should be drinking per day or per week. I'm certain they will also concur with the twenty four ounce daily limit.

One of the often over looked aspects to carrot juice, is that it contains a large amount of natural carrot based sugar. In fact the juice contains more sugar than many common raw fruit juices. If you are diabetic, then you probably should not drink carrot juice at all. Carrots store this sugar so that they can feed the larger carrot plant that blossoms above ground, and as many of you are aware these plants can get quite large. The carrot is the sole food source of this plant, hence the reason it is so full of essential vitamins and minerals. Considering the level of sugar within carrot juice, it is usually best to drink the juice during or after a meal, that way you don't have a sharp blood sugar spike, which will increase your blood pressure. I do have a friend that gets migraine headaches if she drinks carrot juice on an empty stomach, blood pressure being the culprit.

With regard to the unborn child, raw homemade carrot juice has tons of essential vitamins and minerals that can benefit your baby. The juice contains vitamin K, vitamin B6, and many other healthy properties for your unborn child. It is good to get to know what vitamins and minerals are contained in specific fruits and vegetables, that way you can juice produce that make up for any nutritional gaps in your diet. For example if you are looking to stock up on potassium, then make carrot banana juice. If you are looking to stock up on vitamin C, make a carrot lemon juice blend. Or if you feel you need more calcium in your diet, juice carrots and spinach together. All of these juices taste great, and carrot juice accommodates other fruit and vegetable flavors very well. We would like to thank you for visiting this brief article, and we wish you and your baby the absolute best health.
Carrot Juice And Pregnancy
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