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Our webmaster receives a steady flow of email inquiries asking whether or not carrot juice is an actual acne remedy. Naturally I am always reluctant to dive head first into many of these claims, without first doing some extensive research. After doing research, the conclusion that I have come up with is that although it has been linked to acne cures, it has never been scientifically proven to cure acne. Carrot juice contains an abundant amount of vitamin C, potassium, and it is also one of the richest sources of vitamin A. All of these vitamins have been proven to greatly enhance the overall health of your skin, and so one could assume these vitamins are likely to be the underlying cause of any clearing of existing acne. If you have found that it seems to work for you, then by all means continue to drink it, as it's a very healthy beverage anyway.

With regard to acne, it can be caused by quite a number of different health related issues. In some cases it is the result of hormones, stress, toxic cosmetics, poor dietary choices, or overly oily skin. So what that means is that consuming carrot juice along with it's essential vitamins and minerals might work on reducing acne in some people, however in others there is always the potential to make it worse. In some cases acne can be caused by consuming too much sugar, and carrot juice just so happens to contain a substantial amount of natural sugars. So if you have the feeling that your acne is caused or worsened by too much sugar in your diet, then you will probably want to avoid the juice. If you aren't sure whether you should try to see if carrot juice helps your skin condition, then first consult with a certified dermatologist.

There is another myth lingering around the internet, where certain people have claimed that by rubbing raw carrot juice on acne or an acne scar, it can help it heal quickly. Carrot juice does contain beta carotene, which is essential in helping your skin heal itself, and it is also known to help strengthen your skin by rubbing it on externally. However in my most humble opinion, you would be much better off buying a vitamin E cream, as most of them are FDA approved, and have actual scientific research behind them. Rubbing raw carrot juice on your scars or skin has the potential for adverse effects, as the juice contains so much natural sugar. If left on your skin, this sugar can obviously attract bacteria, and that could in turn lead to infection. So before trying any home remedies for scar treatment, please consult with a dermatologist who can better answer your questions.

So in conclusion, I would definitely give drinking raw homemade carrot juice a try for reducing an existing acne condition, though do avoid it if you feel that sugar is one of the causes of your skin problem. With regard to rubbing raw carrot juice on your skin externally for healing acne scars, I would avoid that home remedy, unless a certified dermatologist recommends or approves of the method. In this article when I mention carrot juice, I am only referring to the homemade raw variety, not the store bought bottled and pasteurized type. If you have any questions regarding this subject, or if you have stumbled across some useful facts that we could add to this article, then please feel free to contact us by email. We would also like to encourage you to browse around our website some more, as we have tons of other information and recipes focused on carrot juice.
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